8 Injured When Shelf Collapses in Bronx Discount Store

The New York Post reported that eight people were injured at a 99 cent store in The Bronx when the shop’s shelves collapsed, burying innocent shopper under piles of merchandise.

The victims, including several children, were shopping at Discount Outlet on Morris Avenue at around 4 p.m. on April 7th when the shelving units began to fall, causing a domino effect, fire officials said.

Seven of the victims were seriously hurt while one other victim suffered only minor injuries. All were treated at Lincoln Hospital and are expected to survive, officials said.

Other shoppers rushed over to dig out those trapped under the shelves, which spilled hundreds of pounds of shampoo bottles and paper towel rolls throughout the store.


The discount store, by virtue of their being in business and “inviting” customers to enter their store, owe a non-delegable duty to their customers to insure their safety. This means that the discount store’s owners, managers and employees must make sure that the store is safe from defects and dangerous conditions. Clearly, this particular Bronx store was not safe as shelving collapsed through seemingly no fault of the injured victims of their fellow shoppers.

There is a legal expectation that shoppers and customers be provided with a safe environment. This duty owed from store owner to customer is “non-delegable” and cannot be imputed to another party, such as a vendor that might have stacked the shelves or the manufacturer of the shelving that collapsed.

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