BP Oil Spill Leads to Criminal and Civil Charges

It is considered the largest oil spill in history. Presently, BP has set aside $4.5 billion to satisfy the fines that they were issued as a part of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. This oil spill explosion caused the death of 11 workers in addition to polluting the oceans and killing off marine life. As well, America lost valuable oil as a result of BP’s negligence. According to The Huffington Post the company is slowly working to resolve the damages that were a result of the oil spill’s legal issues and as nearly met its target for asset sales. They hope that this profit will help them to pay fines and damages from the spill and satisfy the personal injury claims that are approaching. They have set aside $42 billion to cover these overwhelming costs.

In February, BP will go to trial in New Orleans to determine their civil liability for the spill. This is the company’s biggest obstacle since the disaster. If the court determines that BP was grossly negligent in a way that caused the spill to occur, the civil fines could be billions more than the company has prepared for. Paying for the spill has forced BP to sell smaller assets and restructure the company in order to make provision for the lawsuits and fines that the company has had to satisfy.

In addition to the civil charges, two men who were involved and partially responsible for the oil spill have been charged with manslaughter. Another worker has been charged with lying to federal investigators. According to CBS News the two workers charged with manslaughter proved to be negligent in their supervision of safety tests. Because they failed to conduct these tests properly, it resulted in the death of 11 workers.

Supposedly the two suspects failed to call engineers onshore and alert them of problems at the drilling operation, even after they were aware that there was an issue. Another worker allegedly obstructed justice by lying to the investigators about the crime. If you have been harmed in an oil rig explosion like this one or one of your loved ones died in an offshore drilling accident, then you have the right to seek wrongful death compensation. Talk to a Bronx personal injury attorney today if you want to take action against BP or another oil company and receive the compensation that you deserve!