Brooklyn Scaffolding Fatality Caused by Lightning

Lighting struck a Brooklyn church Thursday, July 26, killing an Assistant Attorney General Richard Schwartz as he was out walking the Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn. The lighting struck Christ Church, near the corner of Clinton and Kane streets, sending scaffolding tumbling down on him.

A scaffold is a platform that is used by construction workers on site as a means to reach higher areas that may require work. There are a number of workers that may use a scaffold in their line of work including painters, window washers, construction workers, builders and others.

In the U.S., there is an estimate of around 75 scaffold related fatalities and 9,750 injuries a year. These accidents happen for varying reasons. Some common causes are that the structure of the scaffold was not secure enough and was unable to support the worker, they were electrocuted, an object fell, injuring the worker or they slipped and fell on or off the scaffold. In most scenarios the accidents could have been avoided and were a direct result of some error or form of negligence. This may have been on the part of another worker or employer, and failure to follow safety regulations can be to blame.

All scaffold accidents are preventable. Scaffolds should not collapse or fall from roofs unless they have not been properly erected, constructed and maintained.

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