Casino Bus Crashes on Way Back from Foxwoods Casino, 24 Injured

The driver and 23 passengers aboard a casino bus returning to New York City from the Foxwoods Resort Casino were injured when the bus slammed into the median on Interstate 95 on July 4th morning. After striking the median, the bus swerved across three lanes of traffic and slid along a wall beyond the shoulder for approximately 500 feet before coming to a stop. No other vehicles were involved in the accident. The driver and all 23 passengers aboard the bus were taken to nearby hospitals.

According to State Police, the driver lost control of the bus in New Rochelle, New York at around 6:20 am. Authorities say the driver of the bus was speeding on wet pavement when he failed to properly round a curve, possibly after dozing off. The tour bus company, Star Tag of Brooklyn, had been cited at least four times in the past year for driver fatigue. More recently violations issued for Star Tag occurred on Feb. 4, when the company was cited for a log violation regarding inoperable required lamps, inadequate emergency exit signs and fatigued driving, that came during a roadside inspection. On Nov. 10, Aug. 22 and March 18, 2011 the bus company was also cited for violations of speeding and fatigued driving.

This latest accident occurred just two miles from the site of a similar March 2011 accident which killed 15 passengers aboard a casino bus returning to Manhattan. Investigators concluded that driver fatigue caused the fatal March 2011 accident. Federal Officials responded to the series of fatal bus accidents which have occurred over the past few years by cracking down on the low-cost bus industry, shutting down 26 low-cost bus operators this past May.

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