Consolidating Multi-Vehicle Car Accident Cases

Eight people were injured in a car accident in Manhattan on September 5th. Around 3:45 a.m., near 6th Avenue and 16th Street, a BMW and a Bentley collided and left four people seriously hurt. Another four passengers suffered minor injuries. Although little information is known about the accident, one of the passengers said that police arrested one of the drivers. Multi-vehicle accidents like this one can be extremely complicated.

After authorities determine who is responsible for the accident, injury victims have the legal right to pursue monetary compensation for their pain, suffering, medical bills and other expenses. Depending on the number of people involved in the accident, a multitude of personal injury cases might arise from a single incident. To streamline the litigation process, cases like this are consolidated into one. In other words, all of the related legal actions are combined into one case.

At the time of the trial, all of the cases will be presented together. That way, witnesses, responding police officers and insurance companies only have to testify in court once. For example, if the driver is found liable for any injuries sustained by individuals in the Bentley/BMW crash, the passengers’ personal injury claims may be consolidated. If you’ve been hurt or treated unfairly after an accident, talk to an attorney from The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried, P.C.

At the firm, we believe that negligent and careless drivers should be held responsible for their rash actions – especially if they hurt another person. If your injury was the direct result of someone else’s negligence, your medical bills, doctors’ visits, missed wages and other expense may be taken care of. To see what an attorney from the firm can do for your case, contact our office today for a case evaluation.