Driver Killed in Crash with Long Island Rail Road Train

A Long Island Rail Road train struck an SUV on the tracks early Monday morning, leaving the driver of the SUV dead. The collision occurred at a crossing on route 111 in Central Islip, NY. The SUV was reportedly dragged about 200 feet after it was struck. It was not immediately clear how the collision occurred.

Train service was suspended in both directions between Farmingdale and Ronkokoma due to the ensuing investigation and significant track damage as a result of the accident. Fire damage was visible on the outside of the train, however, the railroad said that 31 passengers were safely evacuated after the accident. No serious injuries to passengers were reported.

By 10 a.m., the train had been removed from the tracks but officials were still assessing the damage and making repairs. Service is operating hourly until those repairs are completed and additional bus service between Ronkokoma and Farmindale is available.

In response to the deaths of 3 teenagers who were killed on railroad tracks in October, the New Jersey Transit Authority is attempting to increase safety near its railroad crossings. The Transit Authority will be releasing new advertisements and increasing law enforcement near its tracks, requiring engineers, train operators, crew members and field personnel to report patterns of dangerous activity. New safety barriers and warning systems will also be installed at problematic crossings.

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