Elevator Inspections Dropping in New York City

Elevator safety has taken a hit in the past few years. While inspections use to occur frequently, their number has continued to drop since 2008 by about 28 percent. The Department of Buildings has continued to reduce their examination with 5,723 inspections from September of 2008 until June of 2011. This is down significantly from the 7,930 inspections that occurred between January 2006 to September 2008. In the New York City there are around 60,000 elevators, leaving great room for an accident to occur. Last years alone there were 43 accidents that occurred.

The Department of Buildings has been alleged to be handling too much to properly manage elevator safety and some have suggested moving the responsibility to a separate agency to handle. The Department has responded to accusations of their lessening their safety measures by pointing out that from 2010 until 2011, the number of elevator accidents dropped from 53 to 43. They note that while they may be making fewer inspections, the ones they do enforce, take more time and provide a more comprehensive assessment. They may be reducing their trips, but they are increasing the quality of their work. This past December, an advertising executive, SH, from a prominent firm in Manhattan was entering a Midtown elevator when it shot up unannounced, forcing her between the wall and the elevator, between the first two floors. This incident is a rare one since only 3 deaths occurred last year in the city as a result of elevator accidents.

Not long after the death of SH, the Department of Buildings took down the inspection data from their site that had depicted information of from the last nine years. While they stated that the information they removed was still available on the City of New York’s website, it is not available for public access. If you have sustained a personal injury from an elevator accident or any other type of accident that was the result of another person’s negligence, a Bronx personal injury attorney from The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried, P.C. has over 19 years of experience achieving successful case results for his clients. Contact a Bronx personal injury lawyer from our firm to represent your injury.