Injuries from Stolen Vehicles

A 19 year old stole an SUV from a parking garage yesterday afternoon and took it on a wild ride through Chelsea. Eight people were hurt – four of which suffered serious injuries. According to police, the car sped through the city, crashing into a cab, a bus and a BBQ restaurant. Apparently, the thief nabbed the car while the keys were still in the ignition when the driver exited the vehicle to take a ticket stub from an attendant. When the thief started to drive away, the attendant jumped on the running board of the car. Two blocks later, he fell off and notified the police.

After crashing in the restaurant, the thief was arrested and charged with grand larceny, leaving the scene of an accident and the unauthorized use of a vehicle. In situations like this, the car owner’s insurance provider almost always denies insurance coverage to those hurt by the stolen vehicle. Why? Insurance companies only cover the acts of the people they insure. Since the driver wasn’t covered, the people he injured won’t be either. Additionally, insurance providers deny coverage when the driver is operating the vehicle without permission. Obviously, a thief doesn’t have the permission of the car’s owner. Thus, the insurance provider will deny any injury claims related to the accident.

This leaves the injured pedestrians and other drivers with one option: to file a claim against their own car insurance companies for uninsured motorist benefits. Simply put, uninsured motorist benefits allow your insurance company to stand in the place of the stolen vehicle’s insurance. As long as you are able to demonstrate that a stolen car injured you, you should be able to collect uninsured motorist benefits. Police reports are probably the best way to substantiate your claim. If your car was stolen, file a police report and use it as documentation for your insurance company. If you were injured by a stolen car that belonged to someone else, a copy of any police accident reports that mention your injuries should suffice.

With uninsured motorist benefits you can claim money for your injuries. If you’ve been hurt by a stolen vehicle and want to obtain uninsured motorist benefits, talk to an attorney from the Law Offices of Steven I. Fried. Getting hurt is never easy – especially if you have to deal with a complicated insurance claim afterwards. Call our office at 212-964-5777 or click here learn more about the firm. We are dedicated to helping people like you get the compensation they deserve. Carless drivers should be held responsible for their rash actions. Call today and see what our firm can do for your case!