Mayor DeBlasio Proposed New School Zone Speeding Laws

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently proposed that the state Legislature pass a new law to stiffen fines of reckless motorists repeatedly nabbed speeding through school zones. This proposal came after Governor Cuomo passed legislation that quintuples the number of city school zones covered by speed cameras — from 140 to 750.

DeBlasio did not specify how many times he believes a vehicle should be caught speeding on camera for owners to be hit with additional penalties beyond the existing $50 fine.

The New York State speed camera law goes into effect July 11 and will potentially install as many as 2,250 cameras in 750 school zones, which are allowed to have surveillance at multiple locations near schools. The law also expands the hours of the speed-camera program from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays. It had previously run from an hour before the start of the school day to an hour after its conclusion.

De Blasio said the city plans to soon begin installing the new cameras and that they all should be in use by June 2020.

Our law firm has represented numerous student-pedestrians in accident cases around school zones. School zones in the New York City boroughs are exceedingly dangerous areas for students. The release of school and hundreds of students at the same time create traffic concerns and issues in the surrounding streets as motorists generally do not change their driving habits to recognize the amount of pedestrians released simultaneously. In addition,  students are eager to leave school, cross the street at many different locations (many times not at the crosswalk). This, combined with cell phone and ear buds use by students creates potential accidents.

Our law firm  strongly supports both legislations on the state and city levels if they work to educate negligent drivers and reduce student accident and deaths.