N.J. Woman Rear-Ended by Mail Truck Driver Who Was Eating a Sandwich

The New York Daily News reported that a United States Post truck driver distracted when eating a sandwich slammed into the back of a car in New Jersey sending its female driver to the hospital.

Willard May, 43, of Delaware, was headed down Route 1 Tuesday at about 35 to 40 mph, when he took his eyes off the road to take a bite of his sandwich. When he did that, he slammed into the rear of a car driven by 65-year-old Brenda Walker of Somerset, N.J.

He was issued a summons for careless driving and following too closely, police said, The rear ended driver, Brenda Walker was hospitalized after the US Post Office tractor-trailer smashed into her car on Route 1 in New Jersey.

Despite the considerable damage to Walker’s 2013 Toyota, her injuries were not life-threatening.


Al negligence cases, including motor vehicle cases against the US Post Office are litigated pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act. This federal statute imposes many restrictions, limitations and fairly arcane filing times on an injured person attempting to recover. A notice of claim must be filed via certified mail within 120 days of the accident to the appropriate agency or arm of the federal government responsible for the negligent party. Then, the agency has 180 days to reject or accept liability. Whether they accept, deny or do not respond, the claimant has to wait until after the 180 day period to commence a lawsuit.

The lawsuit against the Federal government is similar to any other suit but with the caveat that the government has unlimited resources to call witnesses, experts and they litigate these cases most vigorously. If you are involved in an accident case with a US Postal Service vehicle or an employee of the Federal government, call The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried, PC immediately to protect your legal rights.