New York City Traffic Deaths Set to Hit 100-Year Low

The number of annual traffic fatalities in New York City is on course to fall beneath 200 for the first time in a century, transportation officials say.

The city’s Transportation Department has recorded 196 motor-vehicle deaths for the year through Dec. 26. That is an 11% reduction compared with the 220 people killed by vehicles during the same period in 2017, according to city officials.

In New York City, 2018 is likely to mark the fifth year in a row that traffic deaths have fallen. In 2013, the year before the city launched its Vision Zero initiative to eliminate traffic-related fatalities, 299 people were killed on the roads. During the first decade of this century, more than 300 people were killed on average each year.

This year’s reduction was driven by a 37% decline in people killed in motor vehicles and a 58% decline in cyclist deaths. The decreases were tempered by a 5% rise in pedestrian deaths and an 18% rise in motorcycle deaths.

While fatalities in Queens have fallen over five years, the number of deaths in the borough rose 15% to 71 people this year, compared with 62 people through Dec. 26 in 2017.