• Nov 15

    BP Oil Spill Leads to Criminal and Civil Charges

    It is considered the largest oil spill in history. Presently, BP has set aside $4.5 billion to satisfy the fines that they were issued as a part of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. This oil spill explosion caused the death of 11 workers ...  Read More

  • Oct 12

    Four Teens Killed in Car Accident Due to Poor Road Construction

    On October 9th, 2012, four teenagers were killed in a tragic car accident when the driver lost control of his vehicle and slid across lanes of traffic. The car skidded through thee road uncontrolled until it slammed into two trees, killing four ...  Read More

  • Sep 27

    Pharmacy Errors: Who is Responsible?

    According to a recent lawsuit, a Bronx pharmacy may have given a seven year old boy a dangerous dose of Methadone – a non-narcotic drug used to relieve moderate and severe pain. According to the lawsuit, the child’s doctor prescribed ...  Read More

  • Sep 20

    Injuries from Stolen Vehicles

    A 19 year old stole an SUV from a parking garage yesterday afternoon and took it on a wild ride through Chelsea. Eight people were hurt – four of which suffered serious injuries. According to police, the car sped through the city, crashing into ...  Read More

  • Sep 10

    Racing Dollar Van Kills Pedestrian – Why it’s a Wrongful Death

    A speeding dollar van killed a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident in Brooklyn Thursday night. Eyewitnesses claim that two vans appeared to be racing on Flatbush Avenue shortly before midnight when one of the vehicles struck a 40-year-old man, ...  Read More

  • Sep 05

    Consolidating Multi-Vehicle Car Accident Cases

    Eight people were injured in a car accident in Manhattan on September 5th. Around 3:45 a.m., near 6th Avenue and 16th Street, a BMW and a Bentley collided and left four people seriously hurt. Another four passengers suffered minor injuries. ...  Read More

  • Aug 03

    Brooklyn Scaffolding Fatality Caused by Lightning

    Lighting struck a Brooklyn church Thursday, July 26, killing an Assistant Attorney General Richard Schwartz as he was out walking the Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn. The lighting struck Christ Church, near the corner of Clinton and Kane ...  Read More

  • Jul 16

    Casino Bus Crashes on Way Back from Foxwoods Casino, 24 Injured

    The driver and 23 passengers aboard a casino bus returning to New York City from the Foxwoods Resort Casino were injured when the bus slammed into the median on Interstate 95 on July 4th morning. After striking the median, the bus swerved across ...  Read More

  • Jul 03

    New York Girl Electrocuted at a Mini-Golf Course in Orlando

    On Wednesday afternoon, eleven year old Ashton Jojo of Latham, NY was electrocuted and killed in an accident while trying to retrieve a golf ball from a pond at a time-share resort’s miniature golf course near Orlando, Florida. Jojo, who ...  Read More

  • Jun 19

    Ten Injured in Bronx School Bus Crash

    A school bus carrying seven children was struck by a car that ran a red light early Wednesday morning. The bus was hit just before 8 a.m. on Southern Boulevard near East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. According to the Department of Education, the ...  Read More