• Feb 20

    Mayor de Blasio Aims to Lower New York City Speed Limit

    Since the first of this year, there have been more than 20 people killed in auto accidents across the city. In 2013, according to public crash statistics, there were a total of 286 traffic deaths – a 3% increase from the previous year, and a 15% ...  Read More

  • Jan 28

    Newly Elected NYC Mayor Implements Task Force to Reduce Traffic Fatalities

    New York City’s mayor has recently launched a task force to reduce traffic fatalities in the city. He said that traffic deaths in the city have become an “epidemic” and something needs to be done to curb them. Mayor de Blasio ...  Read More

  • Dec 12

    Did You Recently Break a Bone? Read This Before Getting Behind the Wheel

    The New York Times recently had a fascinating article relating to when it was safe to resume driving a motor vehicle after sustaining either an injury, undergoing surgery or recovering from an illness. The article quoted numerous studies and ...  Read More

  • Dec 04

    Uninsured Drivers Becoming More Than a Nuisance

    The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that an estimated 14% of drivers nationally are uninsured. This lingering fact has plagued the states for many years. All states mandate some form of auto insurance and have for years, yet state officials ...  Read More

  • Nov 26

    Two Children Hurt When Strong Winds Bring Down Wall

    According to the New York Daily News, two children were hurt when a brick wall of a Brooklyn bargain store toppled due to strong winds. The two children were on their way back from Sunday school as witnesses observed the bricks and an aluminum ...  Read More

  • Nov 19

    Self-Driving Vehicles Still Years in the Future

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), self-driving vehicles, although a goal for the future, are not going to be allowed on the road for some years. The head of the NHTSA issued a statement saying that they ...  Read More

  • Nov 14

    City of New York Faces $10M Wrongful Death Lawsuit

    A family in New York City is filing a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city for the death of a father of eight. Their lawsuit alleges that the man fatally collapsed after police forced entry into his Brooklyn apartment. The police ...  Read More

  • Nov 12

    Family of Scaffolding Electrocution Victim Files Lawsuit for $10M

    The NY Daily News reported today that the New York City Housing Authority is being sued for $10 million by the family of a little girl who was electrocuted by the scaffolding outside of the Brooklyn public housing project she lived in. The ...  Read More

  • Nov 05

    Woman Claims Losing Her Legs Is the Hospital’s Fault

    The NY daily News reported on a medical malpractice case currently on trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Stacey Galette, 33, nearly died in 2009 after suffering blood poisoning and gangrene, which she claims happened when a laparoscopic surgeon at ...  Read More

  • Nov 01

    Ferry Accident Victims Recover $1M

    More than three dozen people were on a ferry that was headed for the Wall Street area when it collided with a dock on January 9, 2013. The ferry company has since settled dozens of the passengers’ claims for nearly $1 million, according to ...  Read More