• Nov 12

    Family of Scaffolding Electrocution Victim Files Lawsuit for $10M

    The NY Daily News reported today that the New York City Housing Authority is being sued for $10 million by the family of a little girl who was electrocuted by the scaffolding outside of the Brooklyn public housing project she lived in. The ...  Read More

  • Nov 05

    Woman Claims Losing Her Legs Is the Hospital’s Fault

    The NY daily News reported on a medical malpractice case currently on trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Stacey Galette, 33, nearly died in 2009 after suffering blood poisoning and gangrene, which she claims happened when a laparoscopic surgeon at ...  Read More

  • Nov 01

    Ferry Accident Victims Recover $1M

    More than three dozen people were on a ferry that was headed for the Wall Street area when it collided with a dock on January 9, 2013. The ferry company has since settled dozens of the passengers’ claims for nearly $1 million, according to ...  Read More

  • Oct 30

    Bus Crash in Staten Island Injures Eight, Including Children

    It was recently reported that a school bus in Staten Island overturned, injuring multiple people, including children. The school bus was involved in an accident with a pickup truck at the intersection of Oakdale and Preston yesterday at 7:30am. ...  Read More

  • Oct 22

    Woman Dies in Brooklyn Holding Cell, Family Sues

    In recent news, a Brooklyn woman died due to an alcoholic seizure in a New York City holding cell. In response to her death, the woman’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in a Brooklyn Federal Court. The lawsuit claims that the woman ...  Read More

  • Oct 15

    Man Dies from Energy Mint Caffeine Overdose

    Hero Instant Energy Mints are breath mints that also contain 80mg of caffeine each, equivalent to drinking an entire can of Red Bull. One British man was not aware of this fact, and consumed enough to kill him. Caffeine overdoses are somewhat ...  Read More

  • Oct 11

    Boy Dies After Being Struck by a Van in Brooklyn

    A boy recently died after being hit by a van in Brooklyn. According to authorities, the 12-year-old had run out into the street to chase down his soccer ball. The driver of the van was not issued any citations or taken into custody. When ...  Read More

  • Oct 08

    Florida Teenager Crashes Into Gas Station

    In Florida, a man will now have to pay for taking his unlicensed son out for a driving lesson. The driving lesson ended in the son crashing the family’s Toyota Camry into a gas station. According to the accident report, the son mistook the ...  Read More

  • Oct 04

    NYC Construction Workers & Immigrant Workers

    This article is devoted to those Ecuadorian/Latino readers in the construction industry in the New York Metropolitan area. This article is intended to address those readers who are engaged in all areas of construction including new construction, ...  Read More

  • Oct 01

    New York City East Village Residential Stairwell Collapses

    One man was badly injured and 30 others were trapped after the stairwell of an East Village residence collapsed early Sunday morning. The college-aged students were on the roof for a party, according to authorities. Suddenly and without warning ...  Read More