Police Fail to Arrest Driver in Hit and Run

On November 7, a Brooklyn dance instructor, AT, was walking through the streets with her pit-bull when she was struck by a Nissan Quest minivan. The driver of the car did not stop to help her or wait around to take responsibility for the action; rather they took off driving, leaving the victim on her own. They did however pause in just enough time to give her a chance to write down the license plate on the car. The dance instructor informed police of whom the man was that hit her but says they have refused to arrest him. The accident left her on crutches after she sustained various injuries. While the injuries are not life threatening, they have hindered her in her profession as a dance instructor.

The victim works at a Blamir Latin Dance Studio where she is in charge of their pro-dance team as well as handling some assignments in Italy. Since the accident happened she has claimed to have lost thousands in income as a result of being unable to teach at her studio. A spokesperson for the NYPD stated that due to the inconsistencies in the statements given by the dance teacher as well as various information she was unwilling to give to police, they had decided not to arrest the driver. The plaintiff on the other hand states that she even was willing to give the police access to her medical records from the accident which they turned down. When the victim in the accident was unable to get the results she was looking for from the police she turned to her dog walking group for guidance. She received more than just advice from them; in fact a number of them provided their own stories of when the police from the 34th precinct failed to respond quickly in a street fight or refused to take down a report when car was broken in to.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Steven Fried, who has done his own investigating into the case, claims that the police department failed to properly handle the claim when his client who had the right of way in crossing the street was struck by a vehicle. When the police fail to take care of an issue in the way they should or your personal injury case is not effectively handled, turning to the services of a professional attorney may be the answer needed to seek the results you deserve. If you have been unfairly treated and have not been given the compensation that is rightfully yours when you have been injured, a Bronx personal injury lawyer at The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried, P.C. can help. Contact a Bronx personal injury attorney from our office to take on your claim!