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Our client, a 54 year old female was rear-ended by another vehicle when she was stopped on the Bronx River Parkway in Westchester County in September 2017. She sought treatment at an urgent care facility some days later and then began physical therapy thereafter. She underwent MRIs and was seen by an orthopedist. She sustained injuries as follows:

Left shoulder arthroscopic subacromial decompression with debridement of SLAP tear, anterior labrum, and articular surface supraspinatus as well as plastic surgery portal closure, a tear of the anterior labrum and bulging discs in her cervical spine (neck).

A lawsuit was started in Bronx County (our client’s residence) against the negligent driver and litigation ensued. After completion of discovery and depositions, the insurance company for the negligent, at-fault driver offered to submit the case to non-binding mediation. That means that the case remains on the court trial calendar and the parties can walk away from the mediation if unsuccessful and still prosecute the case in court.

At the recent mediation conducted with the defense lawyer and an insurance company representative, we were able to resolve our client’s case for $170,000. This was excellent value for injuries of this type and our client, as well as our law firm, were all pleased with the work performed and the ultimate result.

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