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The court system has opened for personal injury matters and we are actively litigating cases. However, the New York City courts, both Supreme and Civil, are still not physically open nor are we attending any conferences or trials as lawyers are not allowed inside most courthouses and more specifically, the five boroughs. Some counties, such as Nassau and Suffolk, are bringing lawyers back slowly and under strict guidelines as to limiting attorneys and court staff. Unfortunately, we have been given little information or guidance by either the Governor or the Chief Judge of New York State as to when the New York City courts will re-open at some capacity.

We are, however moving forward aggressively with online filings, depositions both live and via Zoom, and mediations and arbitrations (also via Zoom or Skype). This has had the positive effect of pressuring the defense attorneys and insurance companies to begin litigating again. This will lead to negotiations and eventually settlements. However, all jury trials have been suspended due to COVID-19, so cases which cannot be resolved without juries are on hold for the time being. That is certainly a negative consequence but as most cases are resolved without full jury trials, we are confident in our process of resolving cases via mediations, arbitrations, and negotiations with defense attorneys and insurance adjusters directly.


Since New York City has entered into the accelerated phases of the re-opening of businesses, restaurants, and retail shopping, we have seen a pronounced and positive impact on our new caseload. Our clients are driving, shopping and finally moving about our city and suburbs. We have found that our clients, both new and existing, are getting back to some normalcy and resuming daily activities. In addition to this, we are confident that our clients and New Yorkers in general have flattened the COVID curve by wearing masks and practicing social distancing. New Yorkers are a tough bunch and together we will beat this pandemic and enjoy what our great city has to offer.

We urge you to contact us via email or telephone should you have any questions about your cases. Our staff is back to our offices in midtown Manhattan and if you wish to see us in the office, feel free to call for an appointment. We would be thrilled to meet you in our office for a face to face meeting. If not, let us know if you have questions and we can schedule a phone conference.

We hope you all had a great summer and enjoy the Labor Day weekend, as well as what's left of the warm weather! Thank you all for your patience over these last six months and for your continuing confidence in our law firm. We are confident the worst of the pandemic is over and we will emerge stronger than ever as we get back to our pre-pandemic lives.

We know that our clients have many questions and concerns about their cases. We want to reassure you that we are working diligently and aggressively to litigate your cases towards a successful resolution. However, feel free to contact us at 212-964-5777 to ascertain the current case status. We would love to speak to you, even just to check in to catch up.

Once again, our firm’s sincerest wishes to you and yours for health and a return to life as we knew it.

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