Texting and Driving Accidents

The Worst Form of Distracted Driving

One simple text has the ability to change a person’s life forever. In 2011, 23% (an estimated 1.3 million crashes) were caused by texting drivers or drivers who were otherwise using their cell phones. Although sending or receiving a text message only takes a driver’s eyes off of the road for an average five seconds, this actually equates to driving at 55mph across a football field without looking at the road once. When viewed in perspective, texting and driving can be seen for the dangerous practice that it is. Did you know that sending or receiving a text message increases the crash risk by 23%? Crashes that result from this form of distracted driving are completely avoidable. This is why if you were the victim of a texting and driving crash, you should contact a personal injury lawyer at the firm to learn about legal representation for your car accident.

New York Texting & Cell Phone Laws

Current distracted driving laws ($150 fine and 2 points):

1) Drivers must use hands-free devices while talking on cell phones. 2) Text messaging and related uses of handheld electronic devices banned. 3) Taxi cab drivers in New York City banned from using cell phones.

Although there are currently texting and driving laws in place, it is still a problem that causes deaths and avoidable injuries every year. New York legislators have proposed a number of bills that would further define texting and driving laws, create new ones and impose stricter penalties for violators.

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The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried, P.C. is extremely familiar with car accident cases and can assist you if you or your loved one was injured in this type of accident. In New York, particularly the metropolitan area, there is a higher-than-average concentration of avoidable car crashes. Our firm exists to passionately pursue compensation for victims. Compensation could cover the cost of your medical bills, continued rehabilitation, lost wages, vehicle repair costs and more. To learn whether or not you are entitled to legal representation, or to ascertain what is the best recourse in your case, please do not hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer at the firm today!