Liability in a Personal Injury Claim

Assistance from a Injury Lawyer

The word liability means, in a legal sense, responsibility for ones actions or inaction. Under the law one may have certain obligations and if they fail to meet those obligations, a lawsuit can be brought against them to force compliance with their obligations. When the failure to meet the obligations results in personal injury to another or wrongful death, and liability can be proven, financial compensation is sought to attempt to make up for the loss, injury and lost wages suffered by the victim.

An example would be the owner of an amusement park who fails to properly maintain the roller coaster. If a person suffers injuries as a result of the negligent maintenance, and the responsible party fails to adequately compensate any victims, a lawsuit can be brought against the owner of the park, and possibly others, to gain sufficient financial compensation for injuries, loss of wages, pain and suffering or wrongful death of a loved one which resulted from the injuries. In order to win the lawsuit, it must be proven that the person being sued (defendant) was legally liable as regards the circumstances that caused the injuries. If you or another have been in accident and suffered injuries that may be the result of negligence wrongdoing, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney at our firm.

Proving Liability in Personal Injury Claims

An experienced and effective personal injury attorney at our firm will meet with you immediately and evaluate your potential case. It is important in these cases to act quickly as all possible evidence will need to be gathered and any witnesses to the accident will need to be interviewed. Additionally, there are statutes of limitation on personal injury claims so it is important that your attorneys are able to get to work immediately following the injury. When liability for personal injury is proven, substantial financial compensation can be awarded. Don’t hesitate. Contact a personal injury lawyer at our firm today to help you with your personal injury claim.