Speed Cameras in School Zone

The New York Times has recently reported that New York State and New York City officials have brokered a deal to reactivate speed cameras around New York City schools for the 2018 school year.

In August, Gov.  Cuomo signed an executive order declaring that the lapsing of the speed cameras and the imminent start of school constituted an emergency that endangered the lives of children.

Most of the summons-issuing cameras went dark at the end of July, when a section of state law authorizing 120 of the cameras expired. Another section of the law that has kept an additional 20 cameras operating was to expire at the end of August.

The cameras are credited with saving lives by calming traffic around schools where they are used. Mr. Cuomo said that 18 children a year were killed in vehicle accidents before the speed cameras were put in place, and the number has since decreased to eight per year.

Reducing traffic and speeding at or around school zones should be a priority.  Posted speed limits near schools are reduced as opposed to regular city speed limits for obvious reasons.  The Law Firm of Steven I. Fried strongly believes in safe schools, safe streets and speed cameras at every school on the boroughs as well as the outlying suburbs.

We have represented many injured infants struck by vehicles travelling too fast in school zones.  Our children are our most important assets and the laws must protect them from negligent and reckless drivers.