Tragic Car Accident In Long Island Kills Five Teenagers

As The New York Post has reported extensively last week, four teenage best friends were killed in a Long Island car crash. Preliminary reports were that the parties involved were drag-racing at the time of a horrific smash-up last week in Farmingdale, New York. A fifth passenger succumbed to injuries this week after fighting for his life in a Long Island hospital.

The youngest deceased victim, Noah Francis, 15, was an orphan who had just moved from Kansas to live with his older sister here. Nassau County Police have not yet attributed fault to the driver of either vehicle involved in the fatal crash but all accounts seem to confirm that both involved vehicles were drag racing and operating their motor vehicle recklessly on the evening of the accident.

When there are numerous occupants in a multi- car crash many interesting subplots arise. After determining liability (who was responsible for the accident), the occupants of the various vehicle may seek legal representation. This usually means that there are numerous attorneys representing many different plaintiffs (injured parties) in a potential lawsuit.

When there are multiple injured parties involved in the same accident, the parties usually make a motion to the court for an order of consolidation. This motion is brought to bring all the related actions (cases) together in the same venue (appropriate court house where the cases should be litigated) and to streamline the litigation process. In a multiple party case, when a consolidation is in effect, all the different cases will be presented together at the time of trial. This insures that the parties involved in the accident, witnesses and responding police officers will not have to testify at multiple trials.

Money and lawsuits can never bring the lost lives back to their families. Lawsuits can only address liability (how the accident occurred), assign blame (who was responsible) and award damages (money). However, as 5 young persons were killed and only two vehicles were involved, it is almost certain that the amount of insurance coverage maintained by both vehicles will be totally inadequate to compensate the grief stricken families of the deceased. All available insurance coverage should be explored and ascertained by a competent attorney but based on our firm’s experience in multi-victim, catastrophic injury cases, there is rarely adequate insurance coverage.

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